The perfect opportunity
to upgrade your
IT environment is here.

All good things must come to an end.


From that point, there will be no further security updates, fixes or online support from Microsoft for the ageing server operating system. Similar to the end of support for Windows XP, the Windows 2003 end of support will not only effect the base operating system, but will also impact a number of platform-specific applications, some versions of Office and other applications not from the Microsoft family.

Three powerful new options to take you forward

Windows Server 2003 end of support offers the perfect opportunity to upgrade your IT infrastructure and invest in the
future of your business. Datacom offers three different solutions to replace your Windows Server 2003 environment.

Each one is powerful and agile enough to help you stay competitive as a business.


Don’t put your business data at risk 

Businesses that continue to run Windows Server 2003 after 14th July 2015 expose themselves to increased risk, added costs and even reduced performance.

Why choose Datacom?

We’ve been designing, implementing and running IT systems and process for businesses in this region for 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of clients stay ahead in times of change. Transition and upgrade projects like this are part of our DNA.

Data sovereignty is key. To ensure data sovereignty, we operate a network of 12 data centres, one located in each major city in Australian and New Zealand.

We support both existing IT systems and processes and custom-design brand new ones. Datacom’s deep technological know-how delivers a commercial return for our customers.

What we do?

  • IT management: All aspects of procuring, operating, supporting and managing information technology
  • Cloud services: Offering infrastructure, platform or software as a service, with flexible commercial terms
  • Data centres: Twelve across the group, owned, built and/or operated by Datacom to world-class specifications
  • Custom software development: 750 software developers building and enhancing all types of systems for public and private sector clients
  • Business process: Mature local multi-channel BPO operations
  • Payroll: ANZ’s leading payroll applications
  • Software Asset Management: Best-in-breed Asset Management delivered as a service